Windsor/Essex County


         The Windsor, Essex County and Pelee Island region offers a wide range of both core and supporting attractions, many of which are intrinsically linked to the region’s physical and historical setting. The core attractions, or primary trip motivators, that are located in the City of Windsor are as follows: gaming (Casino Windsor, Windsor Raceway and Slots, and bingo halls), festivals (Freedom Festival, Festival Epicure, and Blues fest International), shopping (Devonshire Mall, Freeds of Windsor, liquor and wine), the culinary experience, the downtown club experience, the Canada experience, boating and marinas, angling, and the region’s numerous parks (Jackson Park, Conventry Gardens, Odette Sculpture Park, and Dieppe Gardens). The county’s core attractions are Fort Malden National Historical Site, Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens, birding events such as the Festival of Hawks and Festival of Birds, Point Pelee National Park, Pelee Island, the Underground Railroad, estate wineries, Windsor Crossing Premium Outlets, boating and marinas, and angling. Many of these core attractions, such as birding, Point Pelee National Park, Pelee Island, wineries, boating, and marinas and angling, are linked to the region’s physical setting. Other attractions, such as Fort Malden National Historical Site, Point Pelee National Park, and the Underground Railroad, are linked to the region’s history. These core attractions motivate tourist travel to Windsor, Essex County and Pelee Island on their own, as opposed to functioning as a part of a regional complex.

The region also offers an abundance of supporting attractions that complement the primary trip motivators. In Windsor, the supporting attractions are the Pride of Windsor Cruises, the Windsor Community Museum, the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Canadian Club Heritage Center, Walker’s Fine Candies, furniture shopping, and the theatre and performing arts community. The county’s supporting attractions are Southwestern Ontario Heritage Village and Transportation Museum, Amherstburg gardens, Gibson Gallery, Lighthouse Cove, Fujisawa Zen Gardens, the Essex Railway Station, golfing, and the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary. Given the region’s proximity to Michigan, the Detroit experience is also a supporting attraction.  

The region is unique from its competitors by virtue of having an American metropolis in close proximity. Likewise, American visitors can take advantage of the favorable exchange rate and the region’s urban areas, which are generally cleaner and safer than American cities. The region also offers superior attractions such as birding, gaming, and the downtown club experience, all of which are specifically geared toward the individual visitor’s expectations.

Windsor, Essex County and Pelee Island is marketed by various local businesses as “the southern most point in Canada,” or, more specifically to Windsor, as “Canada’s southern most city. It is the only Canadian city, in fact, in            which visitors can look north to the United States.  The various core and supporting attractions that the region provides also demonstrate that visitors are offered memorable experiences that are distinct from those of its competitors. Specific niche markets such as birding and mass markets including shopping are available to the visitor. Attractions such as gaming, which have elements of both niche and mass markets, are also widely available.


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